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We made these rattan sun loungers for Houghton Hall

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

It was a fun and challenging project for us. The commission came from an old favorite client of us, one we cannot possibly refuse. The dimensions were quite tricky because we needed to follow a specific recline angle for the client and it couldn’t be too flat or too upright.

And then comes the wheels. On my god the wheels were hard. Mainly because we were inexperienced and supply was low due to the current political situation in the country. We ended up paying double to buy the old tires. Cutting and making them smooth for movement was another impossible step. At times like these, we are thankful for having our amazing and patient team who’s willing to deliver what we promised to the clients.

In the end, the wheels were smooth, the sun loungers were so comfortable, the cushions were of high quality and soft, we were ready to load this shipment successfully just in time.

We hope the client feels the same when they receive these beautiful sun loungers.

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