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Lead time

20 foot: 60 days

40 foot: 90 days

Samples: 14 days




MOQ: 20 foot

MOV: $10,000

Documentation charges are applicable for order below MOV

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Shipping Documents


Packing List



Country of Origin


Form A/ AANZ/ AK

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30% deposit upon confirmation; 70% against copies of shipping documents

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Ideal Co-Creator

Classic Home is a producer that focuses on creating sustainably made home decorations. We use eco-friendly materials and production methods that minimize waste and reduce environmental impact. Additionally, we prioritize fair labor practices and work with artisans to create unique and high-quality products.

Our commitment to experimentation and creative development of new production techniques and weaving patterns allows us to stay innovative and responsive to changing consumer demands. By collaborating with Classic Home, you can be sure that you are working with a company that values sustainability, quality, and innovation in our products.

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Run by Family, Driven by Passion

At Classic Home, we take care of our production from start to finish. This means we have better quality control, greater efficiency, and more control over the sourcing of materials and labor practices. 

Our own team processes the rattan raw material for our weavers. Our QC team checks and rechecks the weaving, paint and moisture level before and during packing stage. We are in constant communication with you to make sure your order requirements are fulfilled.

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