De Beaute Medical Aesthetic Center
Custom Rattan Flower Lamp
Custom Rattan Leaves
Custom Rattan Counter
tags: rattan leaf, rattan flower, rattan lamp, rattan art
W Bistro by Winner Inn
Custom Rattan Hanging Lamp
Custom Rattan Mirror
Paris Bistro 2-colour Dining Chair
tags: rattan dining chair, rattan lamp, rattan mirror, handmade rattan
Residential Client
Custom Daybed
tags: outdoor daybed, outdoor lounge, outdoor cushions
Zwekapin Valley Resort & Spa
Custom Outdoor Dining Chair
tags: outdoor dining, garden chair, outdoor cushions
Bagan Thiripyitsaya Sanctuary Resort
Lotus Lounge Chairs with Wave stools and Cube sidetables
tags: outdoor lounge chair, outdoor side-table
Nyaung Oo Phee Resort, Kawthaung
Custom-made Victoria Sunloungers
tags: sunlounger, outdoor side-table, sun-bed
Le Planteur Restaurant & Lounge
Custom made Tokepy L-shape Sofa with Coffee Table, Guava Round Side Table
tags: outdoor lounge sofa, outdoor cushions, outdoor coffee table
RV Paukan River Cruise
Savoy 3 seater and 2 seater sofa, Twister Side Table
tags: outdoor lounge sofa, outdoor cushions, water-resistant cushions, outdoor side-table
Movenpick Heritage Hotel, Singapore
Coco Lounge Chairs, Guava Coffee Tables
tags: outdoor lounge chair, outdoor cushion, water resistant pillow, outdoor side table
SEEDS Restaurant & Lounge
Nepal Dining Chairs, Happy Square Tables
tags: outdoor dining chair, outdoor dining table
Black Canyon Junction City
Happy Square Tables, Vicky Stackable Armchairs
tags: outdoor dining chair, outdoor dining table
Australian Embassy
Tokepy 3 seater sofas, Savoy Coffee Table, Richy Stackable Armchairs, Happy Square Tables
tags: outdoor lounge sofa, water-resistant cushions, outdoor coffee table, garden dining chair, garden dining table
Kempinski Nay Pyi Taw
Poly Gazebo
tags: outdoor daybed, garden gazebo, water resistant cushions, outdoor cushions
INYA Yeik Thar Residence
Shore Sun Loungers
tags: sunlounger, pool lounger, sun bed
Asia House Restaurant
Custom Rattan Chairs, Pendant Lights
tags: rattan dining chair, rattan lamp
Hotel Sandoway Ngapali
Sandoway Stackable Armchairs
tags: outdoor dining chair, stackable dining chair
Hpa An Lodge
Poly Gazebo, Mandalay Lounge Chairs, Ann Side Table
tags: outdoor gazebo, outdoor lounge chair, garden chair, outdoor side table
JL Lodge, Ngwe Saung
Custom Outdoor Hanging Lights
tags: outdoor lamps, outdoor hanging lamps, rattan lamps
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