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The Art of Weaving

weavings in rattan and bamboo by classic home myanmar
Types of Weavings in Rattan and Bamboo

We love playing with patterns for our products. Our weavers are very creative and inquisitive. With technology and availability of smart phones, they get to surf online, browsing inspirations for home décor and accessories. Sometimes, they’d be able to recreate a weaving seen online and add on their own interpretation.

When a design is given to them, they’d incorporate their own research and knowledge and then suggest a suitable weaving to us!

hand-made rattan stool or table by classic home myanmar
Spool stool/table, in rattan and rubber wood

Hence, what we do involves a lot of trial and error, which we wholeheartedly support, while of course, keeping in mind about the byproducts and ways to reuse materials.

Ours is a family business consisting of 2 sisters and a father, none of who has a background in design or engineering. Relying on common sense and experience, the three of us work closely with weavers, artisans and framers to create a product. There have been many times when, upon looking at the finished furniture or accessory, we’d have to tweak, modify, or on occasion, entirely change the design and construction.

But practice makes perfect, right? As a small business, we’re learning new things every day.

Looking forward to more adventures and creations!

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