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Life as a Team Leader of the Weavers

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

Weaving field in Myanmar is dominated by women. Our factory has 4 times more women employees than male.

Every piece of furniture or accessory we manufacture is hand-crafted; hence, individual piece is unique and special.

As we also started making outdoor furniture, our weavers had to train hard and well to be able to use synthetic (HDPE) wicker skilfully. For adept weavers, it only took six months to get used to outdoor wicker weaving.

We have two team leaders, managing our weaving team and training new hires.

Aye Yu Mon, one of our team leaders, has been working with us since 2004. She started with rattan basketries and accessories, and later began handling furniture. Whenever we think of a crazy pattern or a customer requests a new weaving, we have to consult closely with her. Some people think that weaving is an exact science, but in reality, weaving depends on the artisan - their experience, love for craft and creativity. Our team is blessed to have a dedicated weaver like Aye Yu.

Here’s a short video of what our weavers' team leader has to say about her art:

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