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Rattan Mirrors : Decorative AND Practical

"Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?"

I once read that mirrors were installed in the elevators to distract people from the waiting and anxiety. When elevator was first invented, people were more anxious about being in an enclosed box, held by a few strings and some get bored waiting. To reduce the anxiety and entertain people, mirrors were added.

We wanted our mirrors to be used not only as an everyday function, but also as a decorative for the room.

The mirrors are of the highest quality; there's no warping or blurring of appearances when you look into them.

All our rattan mirrors are hand-woven, one of a kind by local weavers at our own factory in Yangon, Myanmar.

As a rattan product exporter since 1997, we can cater bulk order of rattan mirrors as well, for wholesale or hotel projects or restaurants.

Or if you just want to get one or two for your home or individual space, you can order online from our Shop or drop by our Yangon showroom at 198, 50th St (Bogyoke Block), Yangon, Myanmar.

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