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From raw to finished: rattan products manufacturing process

Our raw material, rattan poles, come from Ayeyarwady Region, Kachin State and Rakhine State.

Step 1. Raw material Extraction

We either polish the raw rattan pole to use as frames or extract different sizes and types from the pole to get weaving material in making our rattan products.

Step 2. Making frames

We mainly use metal or aluminium as our frame. Based on the design and structure, rattan is used as our frame as well. If the frame is not required, weavers would use a mould as a base structure and weave the product.

Step 3. Weaving

A simple dining chair can take 1 and a half day to manufacture. Depending on the intricacy of a product, lead time differs.

Step 4. Quality Control (QC)

As all our products are hand-made, our QC team ensures everything is up to standard and of quality. They would firstly remove the rattan hairs with flame that are sticking out and prickly, and later check weaving quality whether the spaces are even, have no gaps and all in pristine condition.

Step 5. Spray Paint

After QC, comes painting. For our rattan and bamboo products, to make sure it can withstand humidity, attracts no mould or insect activity for a long time, we'd coat the products with lacquer paint. Some customers also order different colours, instead of keeping the natural rattan colour.

Step 6. Packing

Packing to export is a vital step. As our products are fragile, we pack with 5 ply carton box, US grade, and then we need to add silica packets inside the boxes and super dry inside the containers to absorb moisture.

I made a short video for those who skipped the reading part :) Enjoy!

If you'd like to visit our factory, feel free to drop me a line at

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