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Hand-woven Rattan Baskets from Myanmar Villages

From storage to planters, we like to think everything in rattan and bamboo :)

Our Rangoon Sq Storage Box Set is multi-purpose; we like to use the small size rattan basket as toy storage. As it is open-weave, you can see what you’ve stored inside - which means no more missing toys for kids! The bigger basket can be used as planter basket or laundry basket. We have a large indoor plant in plastic cover that we want to hide, so we just put in the bigger Hurricane rattan basket, and now our plant looks much better being adorned by rattan basket in the living room.

These rattan baskets are made with metal frame and weaved with no. 6, sometimes 7 rattan poles. Open style weavings are modern, easy to clean ;) , timeless designs, that will look good no matter where you use them.

As we’re manufacturers ourselves, we can do other shapes you can think of! Hexagons? Ovals? Octagons? No Problem!

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