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Rangoon Collection: Bamboo storage and planter baskets

Our latest collection is hand-woven with bamboo sticks.

Rangoon Bamboo and Rattan Laundry Basket

Made with metal frame, wrapped with rattan peel and weaved open style with bamboo sticks, Rangoon Laundry Basket is perfect for those who want natural, sustainable product with classic design.

It is available for export or local projects with bulk orders. This Bamboo and Rattan Laundry Basket can be ordered as a set too, and can be painted in different colours you like.

Rangoon Bamboo Storage Box Set

A storage box set with lids, made with metal frame and woven with rattan peel as well as bamboo sticks, is perfect for storing knick knacks, toys, clothes, shoes, files, books, whatever you need to store!

Classic Home brings these rattan / bamboo boxes, hand-made by Myanmar village weavers directly to you.

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