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Classic Home Myanmar achieves SMETA 2-Pillar certification: A testament to ethical business practice

Updated: Mar 31

SMETA 2-Pillar is a widely recognized audit methodology used by businesses to assess their ethical and responsible practices, particularly in the areas of labor rights, health and safety, environmental sustainability, and business integrity. The audit covers two main pillars - labor standards and health & safety. It is designed to ensure that the supplier adheres to ethical business practices, including human rights, environmental sustainability, and fair labor practices.

For international buyers, using a factory from Myanmar that has been SMETA 2-Pillar certified offers several advantages. Firstly, it gives buyers peace of mind that the factory is committed to ethical and responsible business practices, including the protection of workers' rights and safety. This can help mitigate reputational risks for buyers and ensure they are not associated with any unethical or illegal practices.

Secondly, buyers can be assured that the products they receive from a SMETA 2-Pillar certified factory are made under conditions that are safe for workers and meet high quality standards. This reduces the risk of product defects or safety issues, which can result in costly product recalls and damage to the brand's reputation.

Thirdly, SMETA 2-Pillar certification can help streamline the auditing process for buyers, saving them time and resources. By using a factory that has already been audited and certified, buyers can avoid the need for additional audits or inspections, which can be time-consuming and costly.

In conclusion, choosing a factory that has been SMETA 2-Pillar certified can offer several benefits for international buyers, including peace of mind, product quality assurance, and streamlined auditing processes. Classic Home's recent certification is a testament to our commitment to ethical and responsible business practices, making us a reliable partner for buyers who value sustainability and social responsibility.

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